Stock designs here

Below are a few examples that we have produced.

Custom Tee's and Sweat Printing

​We offer a variety of printing techniques.
We try our very best to print your design to the softest feel, and longest wearing
So whenever possible we use waterbase inks.
We also offer speciality inks in Glow in the dark, and Reflective ink for those that have safety in mind.
Set up Fees
General set up fee is $25.00 per Color
This fee will Vary if using Speciality ink
Print cost will Vary with Chosen garment, and type
This is for each print included on garment eg. Front, back, or sleeve.

Call or contact us to put together a quote

Stock Designs
Choose from one of our stock designs, and choose a shirt color. provide the stock number of the design, and color and size shirt desired on the contact us form, and we will be happy to print you shirt promptly. We will contact you prior to printingto confirm purchase.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for Delivery